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Rising volumes of traffic, with an increasing share of heavy goods vehicles, are presenting new challenges for road construction. This requires innovative solutions: rubber-modified bitumen granulate by Rubbertec (GRM by Rubbertec) is the future – for especially durable asphalt which is in a class of its own!

The benefits of rubber-modified bitumen granulate used for the modification of bitumen and asphalt are clear: high product quality, up to 60% longer service life as well as an outstanding performance both in challenging climatic conditions and under high loads. Not to forget, all those aspects lead to an impressive eco-balance.

Rubbertec sets new standards in the rubber modification of bitumen and asphalt. Due to its long service life, GRM by Rubbertec is a genuine game changer from both the wider economic and ecological perspectives: in practice, it means fewer roadworks, less bureaucracy and costs, less downtime and unproductive times, fewer traffic jams and, as a result, fewer accidents.

In short: more quality of life for everyone. The durability of the solutions also makes a significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the area of road construction. In the life cycle assessment carried out in 2020, rubber-modified bitumen was described as very favourable from an ecological perspective.

With its exceptionally durable solutions, Rubbertec attributes considerable importance to sustainability and makes a positive contribution to the protection of the climate and the environment.

Rubber-modified bitumen granulate is considered the gold standard of rubber modification. In the area of road construction, it has proven its added value through high performance and exceptional service life.

During production, the polymers must be correctly broken down from the rubber powder used. This requires specific expertise and experience. Thanks to the optimum breakdown of the rubber particles, asphalts produced with GRM by Rubbertec can be paved immediately after production.

To give you an idea of what a suboptimal breakdown of individual rubber particles looks like in practice, we have created this illustration. You can recognise at first sight that the breakdown isn’t complete. The reason for this is the low temperatures and short dwell times in the reaction vessel during the production process (170 degrees Celsius and approx. two hours), which are comparable to the conditions that exist at an asphalt mixing plant. In practice, this means a significantly poorer performance: valuable resources are wasted and such asphalt won’t be usable for nearly as long as asphalt with high-quality rubber modification.

This illustration shows the optimum breakdown of the rubber particles in Rubbertec products. It results from a reaction temperature of approximately 200 degrees Celsius and a dwell time of at least five hours in the absence of air. This guarantees a high product viscosity and thick binder films. The result is high-quality products which stand out due to their durability and their great performance. It is usually possible to dispense with the addition of binder carrier substances in asphalt.

Easy handling and optimum performance make rubber-modified asphalt surfaces of all kinds the first choice in the area of road construction. The GRM by Rubbertec isn‘t just ideal for the manufacturing of the popular “whisper asphalt”.

GRM is made from rubber powder, bitumen and fillers that have specific characteristics, all produced especially for Rubbertec. In a complex and controlled process, the polymers are broken down from the rubber powder and bonded with the bitumen matrix.

Compared with conventionally-formulated asphalt surfaces, this process results in a service life which is up to 60% longer. GRM by Rubbertec is segregationstable and can be stored safely for a long time in the right environment at the asphalt mixing plant. The asphalt can be manufactured in the usual way.

GRM by Rubbertec is dosed directly into the asphalt mixer, where the GRM is mixed with aggregates and road bitumen. Its high performance has been demonstrated in the manufacturing of all types of asphalt.

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